Biodiversity is learned in the school's Enchanted Garden

This caterpillar lives in the Enchanted Garden

Protection of local biodiversity it is also the creation of a woodland habitat and a didactic garden to make children understand the importance of this topic. The idea is sponsored by Ricoh Italy and has materialized a Vimodrone (Mi) in the spaces of the nursery and primary school in Via Fiume.

The project is called Enchanted Garden and was created in collaboration with experts in biodiversity of Ecos Studio Associato. In the carefully recreated portion of the woodland habitat, plant essences typical of the area have been planted to form a hedge and a vegetable garden has been created to accommodate plants, animals, flowers and insects. In addition, nest boxes and feeders have been installed that will attract birds and insects near the school building.

the project Enchanted Garden - for which Ricoh received a special mention from the Province of Milan Responsible company - will expand over time, contributing to the creation of a portion of precious green in the urban context to protect the local biodiversity.

In addition to the conservation of the biodiversity, this initiative aims to develop awareness of the importance of environmental Protection also in future generations, through training opportunities for teachers and the involvement of children in various activities. The Enchanted Garden it will in fact become a play and learning tool in which pupils can observe seasonal changes and animal habits.

“Ricoh Italia - he explains Roberto Ghibaudo Director of Technical Assistance, Quality and Environment of Ricoh Italy - wants to make a positive contribution by promoting the biodiversity to prevent environmental impoverishment resulting from the destruction of ecosystems. The Enchanted Garden combines direct action on the territory and local resources with an awareness and training component that is essential to achieve lasting results over time. Giving children the opportunity to get in touch with the plants and animals of our territory means creating respect for the environment around us, for the benefit of the whole community ".

Video: Ecology. Biodiversity and conservation. Short tricks (October 2020).