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Milan renews the Covenant of Mayors for the Environment

Area C in Milan was created to limit traffic and contain emissions

Milan has renewed its membership in the Covenant of Mayors, the project launched in 2009 by European Union to support the efforts of local authorities in the implementation of policies sustainable energy. With this decision taken by the City Council - 25 votes in favor and 2 abstentions - the Lombard capital confirms that it wants to be among the Municipalities that undertake to go beyond environmental objectives set by the European Union for 2020: the reduction of CO₂ emissions of at least 20% through the implementation of a Action Plan for sustainable energy.

Local governments, in fact, play a decisive role in mitigating the effects resulting from climate change, especially considering that a large part of the energy consumption and of CO₂ emissions it is associated with urban activities.

The Covenant of Majors it is a program capable of involving local and regional actors in order to pursue European objectives and, for this reason, it is considered by the European institutions as a valid model of governance. By signing the Pact, local authorities undertake to prepare a Base Inventory of emissions and to submit a action plan for sustainable energy, in which the main actions they intend to initiate in the form of concrete policy measures and projects are outlined.

Energy saving, a environment it's a life quality healthier, an increased economic competitiveness and a major energy independence are among the concrete results achieved by the cities that, in Europe, have joined the Covenant of Mayors.

Video: Mike Bloomberg Speaks at The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate u0026 Energy (October 2020).