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Peach, fruit tree

If you are thinking of cultivating a fruit tree in your garden, the peach could be for you, especially if you have little space available. The peach it's a fruit tree small in size.

The peach it is typically 4-5 meters high. It has sparse, spread branches, first green and then reddish. The leaves are serrated and the flowers are gorgeous. Who does not appreciate i peach flowers? Pink in color, with five petals gathered in groups of three or four. The flowers will bring the fishing, a fleshy fruit with a rounded shape. There are various qualities of peach trees, the main ones:

- common peach, with fruits with a skin covered with a thick down which gives a velvety sensation to the touch.
-nectarine peach, also known as nectarine. Free of superficial hair.
- Percoca or quince peach, commonly called "yellow peach" (in the photo) is often consumed immersed in wine.

Peach, the plantation
Planting takes place in autumn.
The peach it is suitable for mild climates and in our country it finds its natural habitat: to flower it needs temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade and also withstands temperatures of -15 C. In summer it loves heat and, the ripening of the fruits can last a couple of weeks.

The soil to be used is loose and deep. It does not like moist and heavy soils. The success of a plantation of peach depends a lot on the choice of rootstock in combination with the type of soil, for example, a graft on an almond tree can make the peach resistant to calcareous soils.

Before harvesting, it is advisable to water abundantly every 10 days, for about a month or a month and a half. Every year it can be fertilized in autumn while pruning must be done in April leaving only a couple of shoots at the base of the flowering branches. In the month of May the thinning of the dorsal shoots is practiced, while in June the apical shoots can be topped.

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