The Atlas of Small Municipalities

Landslides, avalanches, floods… Which are the municipalities most at risk? What about the safest regions? The hydrogeological risk results in landslides and other phenomena mainly due to soil erosion. This phenomenon affects the small towns of Italy for 48.3%, located in almost all regions.

Ifel presented the so-called "Atlas of small municipalities”And the data reported are allarmenti: 3907 small-scale entities are at risk of landslides, floods, avalanches and erosions. By analyzing the data collected by Legambiente is Istat it can be seen that the region most at risk it is the Aosta Valley where 73 municipalities are in danger, only the capital of Aosta is safe. On the other hand, the safer region is Sardinia while in second place in terms of hydrogeological safety Veneto takes place.

L'Atlas of small municipalities it's not just about hydrogeological risk, the topics covered are many from demographic phenomena to income and certainly could not miss them renewable energies. The atlas shows that in 2012, with "a total of 7,708 municipalities are 5,312 Municipalities with up to five thousand inhabitants that have a photovoltaic system". The trend to photovoltaic it makes itself feel stronger and stronger. 339 small municipalities have installed plants for the production of clean energy on properties owned by the institution, the most virtuous regions are:
Liguria with 95 small municipalities
Piedmont with 38 small municipalities
Veneto with 36 small municipalities

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