The new Fukushima will also be geothermal

Fukushima turns the page and launches into a project renewable, the largest geothermal power plant never built in the country since 1999 to delete the word nuclear.

The new geothermal power plant it will rise within Bandai-Asahi National Park and will produce about a quarter of the energy produced by the nuclear power plant hit by the tsunami that caused one of the most serious nuclear disasters in history. This project has a great symbolic value for Japan, where one year after nuclear catastrophe triggered by the tsunami wave, the dramatic consequences on the environment and on the population continue to emerge.

Japan, despite having a considerable geothermal potential, has never practically exploited it, except to feed mainly the tourism sector. The geothermal reserves they are located in the main natural areas of the country and current legislation prohibits the drilling of wells in such contexts. Big opposition is expressed by the owners of the spas, worried that the exploitation for the production of electric energy hot springs can harm your business.

To make the construction of thegeothermal system the law has been amended which establishes the absolute prohibition of drilling the territory within the perimeter of the nature reserves while maintaining a high level of protection of the natural habitat. It is hoped that the decision to concentrate the new geothermal activity here will greatly contribute to the recovery of the area after the great earthquake of last year. An economic rebirth, minimizing the environmental impact such as digging corner wells, so as to stay out of the parks as much as possible.

Among the projects renewable of Japan we also see the Solar Techno Park, not only geothermal energy but also solar and wind power. In the solar sector, Japan can be considered a pioneer of photovoltaic technologies and with the new state incentives, even thegeothermal energy will have an easy life: the Japanese Ministry of Industry has allocated about 10 billion yen to encourage companies to enter the business of generation geothermal.

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