How to choose saffron

Saffron powder is preferable to saffron for cooking

Flavor unmistakable and perfume intense I can't miss the saffron. However, there are some tricks to learn how to identify, among the various products offered by the market, the saffron with the best organoleptic qualities.

1. Price and weight. Saffron is an expensive product and a too low price certainly hides unpleasant surprises: poor quality saffron may have been used, or other parts of the flower have been mixed with the stigmas (the bright red threads that make up saffron proper). they give color without adding flavor. Pay attention to the weight: some sachets cost others only because they contain a much lower quantity of product.

2. The red. Opening the sachet, first of all take a look at the color of the powder: quality saffron is bright red, bright and without white dots. If the saffron is light red or has white dots it means that the saffron has been mixed with other components without gastronomic and commercial value.

3. Consistency. When you open the sachet, check that the powder is uniform and free of lumps and that it slides smoothly. If it doesn't, it means it's wet and you bought it for the same price, less saffron and more water.

4. Color, flavor and aroma. A quality saffron can also be recognized by the right relationship between color, aroma and perfume. Doubt the product if the dish is very colorful but not flavored in proportion.

5. Preserve its aroma. Quality saffron preserves its color, aroma and taste unaltered over time. Just be careful to keep it in the dark, in a closed jar, away from humidity.

6. Better thread or powder? Powder is preferable to cooking stigmas. The stigmas, in fact, often contain less valuable white parts. The powder also has a uniform flavor and color, compared to the thread it dissolves more easily, is easily dosed and keeps its properties intact longer.

7. The brand. Saffron in sachets, for a law that dates back to the royal decree of 1936, must be exclusively a 100% pure product. A guarantee of security when buying saffron is to turn to the best known brands.

Two caveats

  • Saffron sachets should be stored in the dark in a tightly closed jar.
  • In some markets in North Africa, saffron is offered in large quantities for little money. In reality it is not saffron, but a set of spices (especially turmeric and safflower) with a completely different flavor.

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