Fiat eco: Drive also from BlackBerry

The eco-driving App from BlackBerry too

Drive in a smart, intelligent and eco-sustainable way, saving money, fuel and reducing emissions. Now also the owners of BlackBerry will be able to count on the help ofapp eco: Drive of Fiat, designed for all those who want to cut costs and help the environment.

Thanks to the eco: Drive app, in fact, just connect your BlackBerry to the USB port of a Fiat car equipped with Blue & Me, to analyze your driving style and find out in an instant how efficient your driving is. The app collects information on speeds, gear changes, accelerations and decelerations and processes them, displaying graphics on the screen of your smartphone that help you immediately understand how much you can save in terms of money and CO emissions.

A study by Fiat has shown that by following a few simple tips eco-Driving to correct your driving style, you can save up to 16% of fuel and significantly reduce CO₂ emissions, without reducing the average speed or distance traveled.

Fiat invented and developed eco: Drive, an easy-to-use solution and above all a no cost, to support the driver in improve driving behavior and thus optimize fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. In fact, eco: Drive technology is the first and only one capable of providing the driver with personalized advice based on the driving style.

Analyzing the results obtained by the best eco: Drivers, it was discovered that the application allows you to obtain, in thirty days, without investment and effort, savings of up to 16% in fuel, CO2 and money. This means that each of the best eco-drivers can save almost over the life cycle of their car 3 tons of CO2 and about 1,900 euros.

The application is available for free on BlackBerry App World, just download it and connect it to your Fiat car to start saving immediately, improving your driving style at no cost and in full respect for the environment.

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