Compressed Air Car

A car ad compressed air? It is not a project but reality. It will soon make its debut on the Italian car market. The price is crisis-proof, 7,000 euros for the car and less than one euro for a full tank.

Fossil fuels are a source of energy destined to end, to remedy the imminent energy crisis they will be cars that will exploit alternative energies. Electric cars, hydrogen cars, water cars but also compressed air car, just like theAirPods and other cars designed by the house Motor Development International (MDI).


Motor Development International has already prepared a line of compressed air car and thanks to the agreement with the Tata group, by the first half of 2013, the automotive market will see the first compressed air car. The name is AirPod, approved as a “large” light quadricycle, therefore ready to be driven even by sixteen year olds. The AirPod will have a "small" version available for 14 year olds. Following theAirPods there will be other models of compressed air car.

Motor Development International is a Luxembourg company. The market in which it will operate will be the European one, starting with France. Who wants to buy acompressed air car he will not have to go to the dealer but will have to go to an MDI workshop. MDI has decided to invest in factories rather than dealers, so the development plan of the Luxembourg-based company sees the setting up of 25 factories in France and then the establishment of 20 small factories in Italy.

The compressed air car they are clean from start to finish: they are not only zero fuel emissions, but also require little energy during production. Having factories scattered around Europe, the MDI will not have to transport the finished product because the consumer will buy it directly from the workshop and thus also the emissions related to transport are cut.


The car is cheap, the standard model costs 7,000 euros and it will take less than one euro to travel 100 km. The father ofcompressed air car, is Cyrill Negre. During an exclusive interview with la Repubblica he stated that within a year, in Italy alone, 140,000 cars will be produced. The Italian factories like the French ones will not just assemble the pieces but will build the car in its entirety. 80% of the machine will be produced on site.

L'compressed air car is it really clean?
Energy is needed to compress the air, but electricity is also needed to power hybrid cars. The air compression process requires more energy than that of charging an electric car battery, the difference is in the yield: with a cylinder of compressed air you can travel about 2 million kilometers. It is true that it takes a lot of energy to compress the air, but it is equally true thatcompressed air car to move, it will burn little energy.

Data sheet AirPods MDI
Power 7 Kw
Torque 45 Nm
Maximum speed 80 km / h model
Three places

With the AirPod other compressed air cars will arrive such as the AirOne with a 15 Kw engine and a maximum speed of 100 km / h or the AirCity which does not fall into the category of light quadricycles because it has a power of 25 Kw and does 130 km / h.

How do you refill a compressed air car?
From the power outlet in three hours, or at a gas station in three minutes. This is because the MDI-designed cars have an engine that also functions as a supercharger. The car will arrive on the market in 2013 but presales have been open for a few days on the official portal

Edited by Anna De Simone


Video: Balad Air compressed Car Engine (October 2020).