China quadruples its solar power

China is planning to quadruple its data to reach a capacity of 21 GW of solar power. The goal is set for 2015 even if China is not entirely new to these leaps: the country has doubled its goal, bringing it first to 10 GW and then to 15 GW in December, today, with the start of the summer 2012 China talks about solar plants with thermoelectric concentration in addition to the classic photovoltaic.

The Chinese manufacturing industry is among the largest in the world for the production of photovoltaic panels, is guarantees to them if the costs of solar panels they have become increasingly accessible. On the one hand, the fierce Chinese competition risked killing the market but on the other hand it was able to give a big boost.

With its new target, China will not be just a country "manufacturing " but also protagonist in the production of solar power. The official announcement will be made shortly, for now the projects are targeting a solar capacity of 21 GW but at this rate, we shouldn't be surprised if China will even reach 30 GW by 2015. Furthermore, China has offered financial assistance for the projects that will be part of the program "Golden Sun“.

To make a point about the situation, we can state that at the end of 2011 there were 5 countries that totaled a greater installed capacity in photovoltaic:

  • Germany - 24.7 GW
  • Italy - 12.8 GW
  • Japan - 4.9 GW
  • Spain - 4.4 GW
  • USA - 4.4 GW
  • China was only 3.1 GW

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