Another journey is possible

The largest contemporary global protest against the sex tourism on minors. An event that will end in 2014 with the World Cup in Brazil. In Brazil, pedophilia and the commodification of bodies are deeply rooted realities.

Associations born in Italy also think about fighting against these realities, as is the case with Demetra Onlus, voluntary organization e international solidarity which for years, in the Region of Sicily, has been collaborating with institutions and fighting against violence against women and the abuse of minors. Demetra Onlus it also operates in the North East of Brazil, where the rate of abused minors is very high precisely because of sex tourism.

Demetra Onlus in collaboration with FIAB Italy, organizes the first for 8 July 2012 International cycling day against sex tourism, the protest slogan will be: another journey is possible. Many countries are victims of this insane trend but the project wanted to support the city of Fortaleza because it will host the Football World Cup 2014 and due to justified tourism, the highest rate of abused minors in the history of humanity could occur.

On 8 July, at 10:00, we will leave from all the cities of Italy. Every FIAB Association will choose a volunteer for the realization of an amateur short to edit and upload to Youtube. Demetra's coordinators will project the courts on the seafront of Fortaleza Beira Mar, through giant screens mounted on the beach. The promenade is a place to stroll where it is easy to find “Couples"Formed by adults and children.

Video: Another journey Dutch promo 2019 (October 2020).