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Tiger Mosquito, how to remove it

Remember when the mosquitoes did they sting only at night, leaving us the whole day free? Those were the good times, it wasn't there yet Tiger mosquito, originally from Southeast Asia.

There Tiger mosquito, common name ofAedes albopictus, arrived in Italy in the mid-90s. It managed to adapt and develop rapidly and today it infests our gardens during the day, in fact, the Tiger mosquito, unlike the common mosquito, it stings during the day, from morning until sunset and not after dusk like the Culex pipiens (common mosquito).

How to remove the tiger mosquito from the garden IS
There Tiger mosquito it is a particularly aggressive species, it is active in broad daylight making our afternoons in the garden difficult. To remove the Tiger mosquito it is important to eliminate the foci where the larvae develop, it is good to resort to insecticides only when necessary.

On the market there are insecticides in tablets that act for 3-4 weeks, these vanni applied for the control of the larvae in order to eliminate the problem at the root.

For ward off the tiger mosquito it is possible to carry out preventive work, this consists in eliminating the foci where the larvae develop. Such foci, in a domestic space, are:
- sub-pots
- gutters, especially if they are blocked
-containers, buckets, diboni and any type of water deposit
- wolf mouths

There Tiger mosquito it carries out its larval development in small water crops, for this reason, if you have a garden, it is almost impossible to eliminate the outbreaks. With the systems of drip irrigation the need for saucers is eliminated, therefore the saucers could be eliminated preventing the larval development of Tiger mosquito. All water deposits should be eliminated and maintenance work done on the gutter to make sure it is dry.

Some companies like the division Bayer Garden, propose long-lasting solutions. This is the case of the tablets for manholes and saucers which last about a month. For adults living in cool, shady environments, insecticide treatment should be done every 10-14 days when necessary. We remember that the insecticides they can have repercussions on human health and the environment.

Photo by Luciana Bartolini

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