Energy saving

Notebook vs Tablet, which one should I choose?

We know how much an iPad consumes and the comparison with the consumption of a PC just doesn't hold up. With a Tablet, in a year, we spend about 2 euros on the electricity bill. The speech changes totally when we talk about pc.

Let's consider a personal computer with a dual core CPU, the predecessor of the faster i3 processors. How much does a computer consume dual core? It should be noted that we are only talking about the CPU unit and not the energy expenditure of the monitor which should be added to the final expense. A dual core CPU consumes on average 40 watts, we refer to consumption with some programs open like the Chrome browser, Skype and a text editor. The energy consumption in watts of such a computer is equal to 40 times the time taken.

It is very common to leave the PC on all day or even during the night. In this case the energy consumption is calculated as 40 x 24h = 960 Watt hours (0.960 kWh), after one month the energy consumption estimated is 28.8 kWh which, assuming an average cost for theelectricity of 0.10 eurocent per kWh, equivalent to a monthly expense of 2.88 €. Again by hypothesis, in a year, the constant use of the computer weighs on the electricity bill with about 35 euros. Nothing to do with the couple of euros spent to guarantee a charging cycle daily to our tablet for 365 days.

THE Tablet they have very limited capabilities compared to PCs, but just like a notebook they can allow the use of a browser to surf the internet, use a voip service such as Skype and use a text editor. We cannot say if a is more suitable for you Tablet or a notebook but we can advise you to think carefully before purchasing.

The notebook guarantees high performance but if you only need to take notes, surf the web and for voip, you can orient yourself on buying a tablet. There are numerous models on the market, from the Samsung Galaxy Tab to the Blackberry Playbook, not forgetting the very famous iPad.

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