Photovoltaics: incentives only for those who recycle

Assembly of photovoltaic panels

As of July 1, 2012, the manufacturers of photovoltaic panels must possess thecertificate of membership to a consortium that guarantees the recycling of photovoltaic modules. From 30 June - expiry of the term established by art 11.6 (a) of ministerial decree 5 May 2011 - to be able to ensure its customers access to incentives, companies producing photovoltaic panels must in fact adhere to a system or consortium specializing in recycling of products. In the absence of this adhesion, proven by the relevant certificate to be shown at the time of sale, the manufacturer will not be able to allow its customer to take advantage of the incentives.

The requirements that the consortium / system must meet to guarantee the end of life management of the photovoltaic modules installed on the plants in operation starting from 1 July 2012 were established by GSE (Energy Services Manager) in the third revision of the "Application Rules for the recognition of the incentive rates provided for by the Ministerial Decree May 5, 2011", IV Conto Energia.

ReMedia - among the most important Italian collective systems for the eco-sustainable management of all WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment), spent batteries and accumulators and photovoltaic systems - it is certainly among the organizations that can best support the producers of photovoltaic panels to comply with the requirements of the GSE. It is no coincidence that many photovoltaic module manufacturers have already chosen ReMedia, including Mitsubishi, Sharp is Siemens.

ReMedia Consortium has the authorizations, organization and operational structure to fully meet the requirements indicated by the GSE, being a WEEE system operational since 2006 which, with a structure of 29 logistics and treatment partners, manages on average over 100 daily collections from companies and authorized collection centers. In 2011 alone, the consortium exceeded 37,000 tons of recycled electronic waste, both domestic and professional. Furthermore, ReMedia is able to cope with the needs of traceability requests, thanks to a system already used in the management of WEEE and which can make the phases of waste management.

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