Charging columns? Renault takes care of it!

The French car manufacturer Renault is not at all satisfied with the speed with which the are spreading electric columns for powering clean cars. This is why Renault is installing several charging stations on French territory but some electric column of Renault it could also arrive in Italy.

The installation of charging stations for electric cars it will take place in public spaces.

It is certainly not our job to install car chargers, but someone will have to push the market " said Thierry Koskas, director of the program electric cars of Renault and added, while speaking to the microphones of our English Reuters colleagues, "It will certainly not be our long-term policy ”.

There Renault, to operate at its best, it has formed an alliance with the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. The two companies are headed by executive Carlos Ghosn and are installing around 1,000 electric charging stations, each worth € 5,000. The stations will be installed in those slower countries but especially in France.

Infrastructure delays are a thorn in the side of the entire electric car market. France has invested in these infrastructures only 5% of the fund of 50 million euros allocated to public networks, it certainly cannot guarantee the commissioning of a reasonable number of charging columns, the goal is far away.

France is not on track to persevere the objections " Philippe Klein of Renault comments to the English Reuters, "This is why it is up to us to give the right stimuli ".

Among the most influential car manufacturers in the electrical sector, we see that the “Renault-Nissan” coalition has bet heavily on electric cars investing 4 billion euros for their development and production. Who owns aelectric car, today, charging at home or in the workplace. This is not very reassuring especially if you want to travel long distances.

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