Cycling in Milan with a click

Road surface mapping for bicycles within Area C

The Milanese who love ride or who simply wish to do it every now and then can count on a new service: is the website created by ACTL (Association for Culture and Leisure) is Fiab Ciclobby Onlus which allows you to identify in a simple and immediate way (even through a smartphone) the city ​​route more suitable from ride a bicycle. Having entered the starting and ending point, says in fact if the roads affected by the route are good, sufficient or critical for bikes (the parameter is the width of the carriageway) and if the ground can constitute a danger due to presence of cobblestones, uneven or unpaved paving.

There road map of the city (the so-called routing) was made starting from the cartographic base of OpenStreetMap, an open platform, on which we worked with 9505 survey cards entrusted to volunteers who beat every street in the city inch by inch; which also made it possible to update OpenStreetMap data by correcting street names, the presence of one-way streets, restricted traffic areas and access bans. Obviously the updated information can now also be used by all those systems and services that use the OpenStreetMap data, not only by At the time of the go-live of the platform - Wednesday 27 June 2012 at 12.00 o'clock - the update level was 81%, with 7684 cards inserted out of the total.

Both the cycle paths both friendly streets that is, they are suitable for cycling and the Municipality of Milan was divided into about 80 squares 2 × 2 km on each side. Each km contains on average 200 cards that identify the roads taking into account some parameters including: road classification (primary, secondary, tertiary), pavement (asphalt, cobblestones, paving, presence of tram rails, etc.), speed limit , space for the bike.

The space for the bike is, in particular, a new evaluation parameter introduced for the creation of the portal and intends to quantify it space on the roadway which allows the cyclist to pedal with greater tranquility. The evaluation of the space for the bicycle is carried out considering, for each road, the space of the carriageway that is not usually affected either by parked cars or by passing cars. Three values ​​are defined for the parameter: critical, sufficient, good.

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