Energy saving

ABI Lab, Almaviva and the bank bill

Big savings from the optimization of energy consumption in the bank

How much energy do the banks consume? ABI Lab, research and innovation center for the Bank - which last year incorporated ABI Energia - launched in 2012 theGreen Banking Observatory with the aim of deepening all the issues related toenvironmental impact of banking activities. In detail, the works of the Observatory are developing along four main lines.

  1. Monitoring of energy behavior of bank properties, with the analysis of the consumption of bank branches. Currently it foresees the participation of 8 banks for a total of about 3000 agencies.
  2. Energy management is ofenvironmental impact in the bank, with the definition of guidelines for the management of energy and the environment in the bank in order to facilitate banks in identifying the actions, interventions, procedures and anything else necessary for the reduction of energy consumption and 'environmental impact.
  3. Measurement and communication of the environmental impact to stakeholders, with an in-depth study of the methodologies useful for enhancing the environmental performance of the GRI.
  4. Solutions and technologies forenergy efficiency, investigating the best solutions for reducing energy consumption and consequent costs.

The activities of the Observatory are proceeding and as regards the trend of energy behavior, the most recent novelty is the partnership agreement signed between AlmavivA and ABI Lab for the use of SEM platform - Smart Energy System - of AlmavivA for the monitoring and theconsumption automation of the banking branch system.

The characteristic of SEM is to guarantee visibility, control and automation in a single tool. In fact, it allows data collection, analysis, monitoring and registration of energy events, from a single building to an entire real estate portfolio, and includes an advanced solution of Business Intelligence to support decisions. It also provides a dashboard of Building Energy Management System for the management of implementations and an effective Back Office system.

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