Coal-fired plants fail, workers at risk

In Italy the first fossil fuel plants are failing. The closure of conventional power plants is a victory for environmentalists but a defeat for the unions. There are many jobs at risk. We talk about work flexibility, specialized technicians e green economy. How will it end?

With the closure of conventional power plants, 1000 jobs are at risk. In Parliament we talk a lot about work flexibility but nothing concrete has been done. With the principles of work flexibility, the technicians employed in the plants could be moved to the new ones renewable plants, an industry eager for manpower.

In addition, the European Commission recently put to the vote a resolution that aims to create new jobs. The resolution was approved with 394 votes in favor: MEPs are asking for investments to increase the employment rate of member countries, including Italy. Among the areas of intervention is that of green economy.

While the European investment package tries to "provide Europe with a new impetus to emerge from the crisis”By the end of 2012, the general secretaries of Filctem-Cgil, Flaei-Cisl, Uilcem-Uil wrote to the Minister of Economic Development, Corrado Passera, to ask for an urgent meeting in order to discuss about the 1000 jobs at risk.

"Alarm thermoelectric power plants fuel oil. The situation that lies ahead is very serious; on the one hand, the oversupply keeps even the most modern gas combined cycles at a standstill, on the other if the oil-fired power plants must remain available for "emergencies" must be made up to standard: but in this case - companies say, understandably - we need certainty that the available power is remunerated. There are a thousand jobs at stake, in addition to all the related activities that revolve around us for maintenance. "

Fuel oil thermoelectric power plants were put out of action by the crisis and the power of the photovoltaic. For the Brindisi power plant managed by Edipower, it is envisaged to convert it into a waste incinerator. The Brindisi population was already in turmoil due to the pollution caused by the old power plant, let alone hosting an incinerator within the walls of their homes. One thing is certain: you need a plan.

Photo | Petrochemical of Brindisi seen from the Edipower plant, credit

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