In Vienna, the self-sufficient Hotel

The Viennese Hotel is more than green: with high strategies energy efficiency and the help of renewables, the structure consumes the energy it produces! No waste and low environmental impact. Invest in sustainability yes, but at what price? The hotel has seen an investment of at least 700 thousand euros but the entrepreneur is fully satisfied with the economic returns!

Investing in sustainability is good for the environment but also good for company budgets. This time the testimony comes from Michaela Reiter, owner of the Vienna Hotel. It is true, it took about 700,000 euros to obtain a similar structure, to set up renewable energy sources, LED lighting systems, water pumps, rainwater recovery systems but also revitalization of drinking water. In short, the works carried out are many, but the advantage is not lacking, only 2% of the costs of the Hotel are caused by energy.

“Usually in a three-star hotel in Austria, the level of energy costs is 6-7%, we are 2%. It really means saving. We have almost doubled our staff. We used to have 18 employees, now we have 35-36 people working for us. We have created new jobs - which did not exist before - such as the quality manager, or even communication and social media, because it is something we can talk about ”.

The Viennese hotel served as a model for the European program intotalo "Intelligent Energy Europe", With the online application produced by the World Tourism Organization. The application is free and to date - June 2012 - has allowed more than 400 European hoteliers to obtain a complete picture of energy consumption.

Electricity is a big expense in a hotel: guaranteeing lighting and hot water for all rooms, not to mention electrical supplies for kitchens, swimming pools and other hotel facilities! Through the application, the hotelier will receive advice on how to optimize energy consumption but also on which plans to implement and which incentives to request to use sources renewable.

Photo | Vienna, botanical garden.

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