How to grasp and not lose good ideas

The most beautiful thoughts are hidden in the clouds

L'inspiration it's like Christmas in the advertising of panettone, when it arrives it arrives. According to research by HP, the days however reserve moments that are fertile and others that are less so: one brilliant idea, for example, it is more likely to catch us in the evening around 10.04pm, while the least creative passage of the day is around 4.43pm. For some early risers, the morning is the best time to troubleshoot: very early on, when they still have a bleary look, stumbling into the mists of sleep, these people are probably at their creative peak. Conversely, for the truly early risers who jump into activities as soon as they wake up, the afternoon will be the best time to think.

The research was carried out by ToLuna with an email questionnaire to which 1,439 employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (under 1,000 employees) responded in the UK, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia and Germany. Seemingly bizarre, the survey revealed that inspiration often comes when we least expect it: one in three professionals in Europe find that traveling to and from the workplace is the best time to reflect and find inspiration, while 28% cite weekends and nights out from work. It is therefore the most unusual and unexpected moments that favor the beautiful think.

This information was used by HP to launch and support its latest marketing campaign mobile solutions, cloud is mobile from Autodesk, designed by HP to ensure that inspiration is always captured, at all times and wherever it happens. There is also an application, mobile ePrint and Share, with which every person, architects for example, can access and print their projects at any time.

"As evidenced by the studies of HP - and the personal experience of many of us - for creative professionals the best moments of inspiration can happen both during the working day and in different, more personal areas," he says Enzo Tonussi, of HP Italiana. "This aspect is particularly evident in the architecture environment, a sector dominated by small to medium-sized businesses and which is based on creativity, a world with a high content of competitiveness. This is why improving the quality of their work even on the move allows architects to capture their creative moments and put their ideas on paper wherever they are ".

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