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Rio + 20, the summit that disappointed the world

Rio +20, the UN conference that was supposed to decide the fate of the planet, has disappointed the environmental associations. The three-day event that will end tomorrow, June 22, has been defined "weak, unattractive and useless". The summit on Sustainable Development has not made any progress, the text developed by the negotiators looks like a remake of the agreements made 20 years ago.

The final text drawn up with Rio + 20 it will also be called "the future we need”But it is certainly not the document that will save us from climate changes or the energy crisis.

The Reuters reports the protest photos of environmentalists, the Heads of State gathered in Rio De Janeiro could have done better, indeed, they should have done something! Harsh criticism of environmentalists on the official three days of Rio + 20. Rio + 20, the sustainable development summit saw at least a hundred events and more than 30,000 participants.

In Rio's hotels the rooms were all full but near the Flamengo park, there are those who have made do with sleeping bags and tents. Rio + 20 it disappointed everyone, including WWF which first commented on the draft and then threw harsh words on the official text.

"The planet has no more time to waste, but despite this the negotiators respond with weak words that do not even come close to the commitment necessary to guarantee people around the world access to clean water, food and energy - said Mariagrazia Midulla, WWF Italy climate and energy policy manager, who is in Rio to follow the negotiations. "The negotiating text can also be called 'the future we need'But it certainly does not contain the' commitments we need '. The leaders still have time to get involved and Dilma has to show the way. "

Jim Leape, director general of the WWF, does not spare himself and comments:
"The Rio negotiators have disappointed the world"
"They should be ashamed of their inability to reach consensus on such crucial issues"

Perhaps with the summit on Sustainable Development Rio + 20, the problem has been postponed, hoping to be able to take a concrete and more decisive decision by 2015. Basically, the text of the conference has little chance of being revised by tomorrow, when there will be closure official e Rio + 20 it will end in general discontent.

The events that framed the United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro were hundreds and thousands of companies and groups that participated, among these there was the hand of Siemens which brought a touch green to the statue of Christ the Redeemer. The statue was illuminated with LED technology capable of reducing the energy required to illuminate the almost 40 meters high of the work by more than 75 percent (see photo).

Video: 1992 - UN Earth Summit - Rio de Janeiro - In Our Hands Part 1 (October 2020).