How to reach Ischia

Summer time, vacation time! What's better than a stay in Ischia between sea, spa, spa and relaxation. Ischia is the island belonging to the archipelago of the Flegrean islands, in Campania and is located at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. It is a popular destination for many VIPs, starting with the former Corona-Belen couple, Diego della Valle but also characters like Steven Spilberg who, giving up on places like Cannes and Saint Tropez, have decided to reach Ischia and enjoy the summer here.

How to reach Ischia, first step
The first step for reach Ischia is getting to Naples. By train or plane.
From Capodichino airport or from Napoli Centrale station, you will have to arrive at the port of Molo Beverello.

How to reach Ischia from the station
From the Napoli Centrale station to the Molo Beverello port it is not very far and almost all the buses present outside the Napoli Centrale station will pass through the Molo Beverello (Naples - Monte di Procida - Bacoli, Piazza Vittoria ...), just ask the driver. The ticket can be purchased at the station or tobacconist and costs about one euro. The only drawback is that the Neapolitan public service leaves a lot to be desired and the buses are always full of commuters but given the large number of lines that pass through Molo Beverello, a taxi is not essential. The central station is only 2 km from Molo Beverello. Once you have reached Molo Beverello -> go to point "how to reach Ischia from Molo Beverello ".


How to reach Ischia from Naples Capodichino airport
You can continue either by bus or by taxi. If you choose the bus, you will have to take the Alibus shuttle that connects the airport directly to Molo Beverello. The ticket must be done on board. Once you have reached Molo Beverello -> go to point "how to reach Ischia from Molo Beverello ".

How to reach Ischia from Molo Beverello
Once you arrive at Molo Beverello, you will have to take a hydrofoil or a ferry to Ischia Porto and Casamicciola Terme. The ferry trip takes about 90 minutes while the hydrofoil one takes about 45 minutes.


If you are from the province of Naples, you should know that Ischia can also be reached from other ports, such as the Port of Mergellina and the port of Pozzuoli. From here it will be possible to take ferries or hydrofoils to Ischia Porto or Forio.

Photo | Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, Ischia is among the most exclusive luxury hotels in the world.

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