Electric bike, why yes?

There electric bicycle offers the convenience of a car and the benefits of one bicycle. The electric bicycles are not yet widespread enough and for this reason we propose an article dedicated to those who want to approach the world of electric bicycle.

Why is it as comfortable as a car? These are two completely different vehicles but designed for the same purpose, the mobility. There electric bicycle it will not have a backrest with reclining seats but will allow you to travel your daily journeys with the same speed. Considering the ciddanito traffic, own one electric bicycle it means avoiding queues, not having parking problems or limited traffic areas.

You don't have to be a two-wheeler to go out to buy one electric bicycle, many people do not ride bicycles because they are not very trained, they are terrified of having to go up a hill or get to work all sweaty. There electric bicycle eliminates this problem because fatigue can be minimal or even non-existent thanks to its peculiar characteristic: the assisted pedaling.

There electric bicycle it is the ideal vehicle for spring and summer. Get around quickly and run errands around town without a trace of sweat. With baskets or more capacious trailers, it will also be possible to carry heavy loads such as shopping, your beach towel, a picnic basket or with the latest offers on the market, even a child.

Of course, unlike the car, the electric bikes they are not equipped with heating or air conditioning for cold and hot days but to warm up, in winter, you just need to avoid pedal assistance and pedal a little, it will be the physical movement that warms you up. The electric bikes they are not for the lazy! They simply have a larger market segment and offer different driving perspectives, including the most comfortable of the assisted pedaling.

Electric bicycle and Italian laws:
the electric bikes traditional, provide with pedal assistance a maximum speed performance of 25 km / h. For this reason, there is no need to pay road tax, ownership taxes, insurance, road tax… no driving license is required.
The speech changes for super e-bike, or those electric bikes that offer performance equal to or even higher than that of a 50cc scooter!

The electric bikes, if we exclude more prestigious models such as theeBike Smart, are economical vehicles, accessible to more or less everyone. They cost as much as a smartphone and have an autonomy that varies according to the battery. They are recharged with the domestic socket or in special stations. They are simple vehicles that offer ease, practicality and big savings!

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