The stationer becomes the ecolaio

The interior of the ecological stationery L'ecolaio in Milan

Once upon a time The stationer, today there is The ecolaio. Yes, because the paper - which is still used - has become echo and to produce it no trees are cut down indiscriminately. And then there is not only paper: all or most of the objects of stationery and for the office can be manufactured in a sustainable way, making use of recycled materials or that can be produced respecting the environment. From pens to paperweights, from gift items to small games for children. And again: technology, nice gadgets for the home and everything, absolutely everything, the paraphernalia (let's call it that) of the modern manager, bags, cases, diaries and so on. An eco-manager - why not? - who works in an eco-office and uses eco-objects, ambassador of the verb we respect-our-planet.

The ecolaio it is a shop, indeed no, a ecological stationery, opened in Milan in via Mac Mahon 22. The idea came to Lolligo Resolutions, a leading company in the field of regeneration of printer cartridges, with the aim of making people and companies aware of the use of eco-sustainable products like, in fact, cartridges and toners that help reduce the amount of waste and pollutants to be disposed of, and allow you to save while maintaining high quality. The opening of the L’ecolaio store obviously meant the extension of the eco project to a wide range of products and everyday objects with low environmental impact.

Today at L’ecolaio - chosen for the second time as a technical partner at the recent Green Globe Banking Conference - there are stationery items, biodegradable pens, design objects created with materials from recycling and articles in certified ecological paper, including diaries, folders and binders, notebooks and notepads, up to lamps, bags, backpacks and artistic objects rigorously studied and produced with ecological and recycled materials. And the price? Compared to traditional products there is a certain savings, and in addition we are committed to the environment protection.

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