How to choose the wood for furniture and parquet

Forest Stewardship Council - FSC

The logo FSC - Forest Stewardship Council (Council for Sustainable Forest Management) is the only guarantee that wooden furniture is parquet have been made with raw material deriving from forests correctly managed according to the principles of the two main standards: forest management is chain of custody.

FSC is an international non-governmental, independent and non-profit organization, founded in 1993 by the initiative of a group of environmental associations, organizations of indigenous peoples, forest producers and wood industries.

Choose furniture, parquet and wooden objects FSC it is a way not to contribute to the plundering of the forests of Africa, Borneo and the Amazon, which it has in the trade of tropical wood one of the main economic causes.

According to fairly recent data, Italy imports 800,000 cubic meters of tropical timber from non-regenerable forests. Transformed into parquet, this wood could cover almost the entire surface of the city of Milan. The only way to prevent it destruction of the forests is to inform about the origin of the wood, avoiding buying products made using tropical or equatorial wood, such as afromosia, teak and okumè.

By the year 2000, tropical wood producing and consuming countries should have "developed forest management policies to ensure that exports of tropical wood do not affect the forest heritage, as they must come from sustainably managed sources". This was the content of the ITTA 1994 International Tropical Wood Agreements, but nothing has been done.

In Africa, according to the available data, there is no sustainable harvesting of tree species. There are very rare cases of certified cutting, unless you want to consider the scam of self-certifications and homemade brands by forestry companies. Most of the time, sustainable forest management is understood by developing countries as taking only the essences that have commercial value, without cutting the forest.

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