Nespresso, from a cup of coffee to a bowl of rice

About 60,000 portions of rice are hidden behind the Nespresso capsules. But what do rice grains have to do with coffee? This is explained by the new sustainability program of Nespresso!

Nespresso can be defined as an excellent quality of coffee produced in a manner sustainable. Social and environmental sustainability with an efficiency of recycling which reaches 75% and with a capacity to feed over 60,000 people with about 36 quantals of rice. Such as? The process is simple: recycling and composting!

On 12 June the program was also presented in Italy Ecolaboration. Ecolaboration is the program of Nespresso for sustainable production which, among other things, will allow the percentage of recycling reaching 75% globally. This is made possible thanks - also - to the presence of collection points in all the boutiques present on the national territory.


With Ecolaboration, in Italy the range of activities is further expanded, extending beyond the disposal of capsules and allowing Nespresso to collaborate with Italian partners for the efficient reuse of the disposed material. Not only capsules but with Ecolaboration you will have the opportunity to focus on the delicate process of separating aluminum of the casing and residual coffee.

The process will take place thanks to specially modified machines and, while the aluminum will be treated to face a new life cycle, the residual coffee will become compost. For the transformation of coffee residues into compost, Nespresso collaborated with the Agricultural Union of the Province of Pavia. The Compost, thus obtained will be used to feed the land of the rice fields and the cultivated rice will be purchased from Nespresso to then be donated to Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation to be distributed in over 8,000 charitable structures.

In Italy, the project Ecolaboration is made possible thanks to the collaboration with national partners such as Federambiente, Food Bank Foundation Onlus, CiAl - Aluminum Packaging Consortium and the already mentioned Union of Farmers of the Province of Pavia.


The program Ecolaboration it is not Nespresso's only social activity. Among other activities we also point out the AAA Sustainable Quality Program which aims to procure, by 2013, 80% of coffee from plantations capable of guaranteeing high quality, high social sustainability, focusing on the issue of workers' conditions and production sustainability. This will mean working with around 80,000 growers in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and India as well as two new countries - Kenya and Ethiopia. Furthermore, by 2013, le will be cut by 20% carbon dioxide emissions for each cup of coffee this will be possible through an approach called "life cycle assessment“.

Photo by kind permission, Nespresso

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