Electric speedboat

An eco-friendly motorboat? Why not?! Who said water and electricity don't get along? The electric powertrains adopted by the leaders of mobility have been redesigned and adapted to equip a small one boat making it silent and low environmental impact.

It's time for holidays but with the August holidays the beaches are very crowded! What's better than escaping from the chaos of the shore to push off with a fantastic one electric boat, small, economical and compact. This is the Hammacher Schlemmer, designed to support a total weight of 250 kg. Ideal for two adults or for the entertainment of the youngest.

It is produced in a limited edition and is equipped with a two-blade propeller powered by a 12 volt electric motor. The cruising speed is four miles per hour, a very slow motion that allows the batteries to guarantee a constant ride for up to six hours.

L'electric boat it is equipped with reclined seats, padded with down and covered in vinyl to resist water and other atmospheric agents. The cabin of the boat is furnished with the essentials and has stainless steel drink holders, chrome moldings and mahogany finishes that decorate the entire fiberglass structure.

To drive, simply operate the lever located on the right edge of the structure. L'electric boatJust like a car, it is equipped with reverse gear and various driving modes. The conveniences are not lacking with 120 watt spealers with an audio system that can connect an iPod to other multimedia devices. Of this electric boat there is also a single-seater version, but it is certainly more fun for two! For more information and to purchase, just visit the official page of the Hammacher Schelmmer.

Video: Sunset Testing the Electric Speedboat (October 2020).