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The ancient virtues of natural blond cork

Natural blond cork granules SugheroLite

The cork it is among the oldest materials used forthermal insulation is acoustic of buildings. It is also one of the best materials eco-sustainable because the raw material, the bark of quercus suber, is a matter regenerable which, once removed from the trunk, reforms over 9 years.

Its relatively limited diffusion certainly does not depend on the performance, which is exceptional in both thermal and acoustic insulation, but on the limited availability that makes cork a more expensive material than other insulators on the market. However, taking into account that the cost of insulation is, after all, a small thing in the total cost of a home, the superior performance also in terms of healthiness of the environments and the eco quality make it a smart investment.

However, it is necessary to verify that in the production process of panels and gods granules with which the cork is marketed, no artificial additives or binders of any kind are used, or highly polluting roasting processes are used. In fact, it happens to find on the market cork panels or agglomerates of cork of various types, but it is good to know the only ones that maintain the performance qualities and the green qualities of the original material are those of natural cork of the “blond” type, also available in bulk in the form of granules and recognizable on the basis of the manufacturer's certification.

To produce the panels of natural blond cork the bark is crushed and ground. The granules thus obtained, freed from porous and woody waste, are heated to 380 ° without any contact with the air (Air-Fire process). Pressure and temperature cause the release of the suberin, a resin contained in the material itself, which by liquefying activates the natural process of welding the granules together. The last step is in a hydraulic press which determines the structure of the agglomerate, which at the end of this process retains a good mass, and the dimensions of each individual panel.

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