Energy saving

MiniPC for energy saving

THE MiniPC they are sustainable for the environment and pockets. These are small products and help to spread a policy of energy saving. To propose them is the Green Computer, a company of Marina di Montemarciano, in the province of Ancona, in the Marche region.

THE Mini PC they can offer high performance with low consumption and reduced environmental impact. What is the reason for the high efficiency of these Mini PC? First of all we see that they have a motherboard with low-power processors that allow you to save up to 70% of energy.

The PC Green is equipped with an opensource software, Linux OS, which helps to be able to market the mini pc at more than competitive prices. A complete computer can cost 299 euros. The eco series proposed by Green Computer provides four different models. All equipped with an Intel Atom Dual Core CPU with a 2GB DDR 3 Ram and a 250 / 320GB hard drive.

The price starts at 299 euros but does not exceed 399 euros for the most performing model. Energy saving is guaranteed - in addition to the low consumption processor - also by the internal power supply and external fanless transformer. The Ancona-based company, in addition to offering ecological computers a energy saving, offers to recover old damaged or unused computers. Green Computer it recovers old computers by making them available to schools, associations or users in need.

Video: ASUS PN60: Awesomely Small Mini PC! (October 2020).