BlueAir air purifiers

Those with allergy or asthma problems will not be able to do without it! This is the air purifier that thanks to the Claesson Koivisto Rune company, becomes a piece of furniture with an attractive design and high performance, its name? BlueAir.

It is among the few air purifiers which can boast a contemporary design accompanied by excellent features:

  • touch control
  • compact size
  • low energy consumption
  • silent operation
  • excellent air delivery speed
  • high purification band


All the air purifiers Blueair have HEPA Silent and Energy Star certification. Claesson Koivisto Rune company is still defining the latest sales plans but the air purifier it should be on the market by September 2012. The launch price should be around $ 379.

As for the BlueAir technical specifications, we can speak of a delivery of 100 clean air particles per minute with the use of only 30 W of energy. The purifier will be able to remove airborne particles up to a size of 0.1 microns with a Hepa H13 rating - according to European standards -; thus removes 99.97% of the particles present in the air. It has two activated carbon filters and is optimized for efficient and silent cleaning in rooms of about 150 square meters.

We remind you that some gestures could eliminate the need to purchase a air purifier. Which?

  • Do not smoke in the house
  • Do not keep pets in the house
  • Remove carpets, curtains and other dust accumulators
  • Open windows whenever possible
  • Grow indoor plants
  • Use an external fan in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Keep heating systems to a minimum


Video: BlueAir Blue 411 Air Purifier Review (October 2020).