Fiberboard for the interior of the BMW 3 Series

The interior of the BMW Sports 3 Series

Wood fiber and plastic are the basic components of the invisible parts of the door panels in the new Sedan and Sports models BMW 3 Series. This combination of natural fibers he traditional material makes the panels 20% lighter than the previous ones and helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. The solution adopted by BMW is provided by Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive interior and electronics, which is also providing innovative seating structures and new electronic instrumentation. "With our innovative products we are helping BMW to make the new 3 Series comfortable and sustainable. We offer high quality, low weight components to reduce fuel consumption," he said. Bede Bolzenius, President of Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. “We also use renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials in the interior components”.

In the invisible elements of the door panels, the vector in natural wood fiber it is molded directly together with the plastic. This innovative manufacturing method makes the door panels significantly lighter. An advanced process consists of a grooved lamination used to apply a fabric or leather covering to the door panel. This process joins the liner into the grooves eliminating the need for additional components and further reducing weight.

The seat structure of the new BMW 3 Series it is characterized by four special features. The use of high-strength steel brings both stability and lightness. The low pivot point of the backrest makes the seat particularly comfortable. The structure also allows you to adjust the recline very precisely to improve the sitting position to the maximum. In the electronically adjustable seats, earth magnets are used which require less installation space and are about 200 grams lighter.

The basic instrument panel for the new BMW 3 Series has a day and night design and offers a 2.7 inch TFT display. It has a two-way PPP connection APIX * at high speed that facilitates a high resolution image and the transmission of control data with the use of a single interface. This technology is used in displays and stepper motors on the design circuit board to communicate with the electronics of the printed circuit board behind it.

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