What is the right price for an electric car?

The 100% electric Zoe model from Renault

The traits ofelectric car of success are a price less than 15,000 euros, autonomy of at least 160 km, aesthetics innovative and recharges in maximum two hours. To say it are motorists on the web, as revealed by the study conducted by Deloitte ed Expert System applying semantic technology to more than 6000 websites.

As for the price, the majority of Italian motorists would be willing to spend a maximum of 15,000 euros for the purchase of a electric vehicle together with a series of incentives. The model to aspire to is that of Norway: zero VAT, zero stamp, free parking, toll exemptions, access to preferential lanes and over 3,500 public charging points (many of which are free).

In Italy something starts to move. In fact, in recent days a unified text oncar electric it was adopted by the committees Transportation e Production Activities of the Chamber and provides a bonus of up to 5 thousand euros for those who buy an electric car, an infrastructure plan for recharging as well as "promotional" electricity rates in the start-up phase of the market. The text provides for an allocation of 420 million euros over three years starting from 2013 precisely to develop sustainable mobility in our country as well.

“In the next few years the potential market of electric cars in Italy it could be about 30-35 thousand sold in a year - he says Marco Martina, partner of Deloitte and expert in the automotive sector - This is why we are faced with a great opportunity that can bring benefits to the entire country system both in economic terms and in terms of quality of life and smart mobility ".

Edited byMichele Ciceri

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