Electric car Made in Italy

Move through city traffic with maximum agility, park anywhere, fill up with two euros and the same car, even travel on the motorway! The car in question offers all this and more is designed and built in Italy by a company from Prato.

Is called NWG Zero and it is the Electric Vehicle entirely made in Italy. It can be considered an urban electric vehicle but the M1 homologated version can also travel on the motorway. It is small and compact and is one of the few city cars that can boast 2 years of presence on the road on any type of route, from extreme heat to snow and ice but above all it is one of the few city ​​car to be able to boast of being a product made in Italy.


NWG Zero is entirely Made in Italy, equipped with a electric motor powered by lithium batteries and instead of producing pollution, it produces savings with free access to restricted traffic areas, parking in total freedom and less than two euros for a full tank.

With electric vehicles we say goodbye to "expensive gasoline", in fact, with an investment of two euros, you have a range of 140 kilometers. With the NWG Zero, a new culture of urban mobility which becomes more than sustainable.

NWG Zero. Features:
-140 km of autonomy
- "race mode" with a maximum speed of 100 km / h
- "rain mode" to ensure safety and stability even in the event of poor grip
- with the "superfast" battery charger it recharges in less than an hour
- heavy electric quadricycle
-possibility of driving from the age of 16
- over a mileage of 140,000 km it allows savings of over 10,000 euros
- can be charged at home
- trunk and front compartment

The advantages of a electric city car:
- exemption from stamp duty for the first five years
- 50% discount on insurance
- reduced maintenance costs
- a few euros for a full tank
-free passage for restricted traffic areas.


To produce the NWG Zero is a company that in nine years of life has made its way into the field of green economy. This is the New Winners Generation, a company born from the intuition of two entrepreneurs from Prato, Francesco D’Antini and Antonio Rainone. There NWG Zero it is offered to the public with a price of 20,000 euros, is highly customizable and in the current scenario of electric vehicles marketed in Italy, it is a direct competitor of Renault's Twizy.


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