Bicycle accessories

There bicycle it represents the ideal way to move around urban centers and in addition it offers a healthy and dry body. To make the cyclist's experience even more attractive, today we show you a series of bicycle accessories.

USB Flea Lights. Manufactured by the Blackburn company, Flea lights are very light and can be used as a rear and front light. They are equipped with a lithium-ion battery and are recharged via USB port or during the day, with sunlight and a small solar panel system. It weighs only 17 grams and the light produced by Blackburn costs around 25 euros.


Bicycle battery charger. When we pedal we produce energy. The mobile phone company Nokia, has well thought of using this energy to recharge your mobile phone. So Nokia has launched a charging kit that features a dynamo to stick to the wheel of the bike. The dynamo will produce energy which it will transmit to the battery charger placed on the flywheel, right where you can hook the mobile phone to be charged. Charging begins when the bike reaches a travel speed of at least 6 km / h.

-E-Meter. The Japanese company Bridgestone Cycle Co. Ltd, has decided to launch a system to monitor cyclists and highlight their physical health and track the harmful emissions saved daily by the cycling population. Thus it was born e-meter, a device that must be installed on the bicycle which is connected to an SNS website. Each cyclist's feat can be shared with other friends. L'E-Meter provides all sorts of information: distance traveled, average speed, calories burned, CO2 saved ...

-Motive Bike Computer. FishDeath designed the Motive Bike Computerto enhance the qualities of a bike ride. It is a small device that acts as an on-board computer and connects the cyclist with a web-community on the pedals. All information regarding the trip, the distances traveled, the speed, the amount of fuel saved, calories burned… are recorded by the Motive Bike Computer. The cyclist data is also used by the manufacturers of bicycles to offer tools that are increasingly tailored to the commuter. Most of the materials used by the Motive Bike Computer are recycled.


Self-powered 'Laser'. Industrial design Leonardo Manavella has proposed a product called "laser" which aims to ensure the safety of cyclists in busy areas. It is an elliptical beam that is projected around the bicycle to delineate a border with the other cars. Each time a car passes the light beam, it changes color and goes from green to red. To provide for the energy needs of the Laser is a dynamo.

-GPS navigators for bicycles. Great bicycle accessory! It proposes itineraries for cyclists and helps to move, in Italy and in Europe, on two pedals. His name is "My Cyclo".


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