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Touring Club Italiano champion of sustainability

TheGreen Globe Banking Ad Honorem Award 2012 was awarded toItalian Touring Club for the merit of being able to represent, through its activities, the principles of environmental sustainability and the protection of the country's natural and landscape assets.

TheGreen Globe Banking Ad Honorem Award was established in 2010 with the aim of enhancing the commitment of people, organizations or national and international institutions, towards the protection and respect for the environmental heritage, in line with the ideals of sustainable development underlying the initiative. Past editions of the Ad Honorem Prize were awarded to Legambiente in 2010 and to the State Forestry Corps in 2011.

The General Manager of the Italian Touring Club, Fabrizio Galeotti, says: “I thank and welcome this award with enthusiasm and pride, which is particularly important for Touring, a recognized environmental association. For over a century, sustainability has moved the choices made by Touring in respect of the territory and the environment through a gentle and non-invasive approach to the landscape in order to preserve our landscape, natural and artistic heritage ".

Touring Club Italiano is a free and private association founded in 1894, which has been committed for more than a hundred years in the field of tourism, culture and the environment with activities aimed at encouraging and supporting conscious and responsible behavior through the dissemination of a culture of travel based on the values ​​of sharing, relationship, respect.

The Award will be collected by the TCI General Manager at the 6th Green Globe Banking Conference which will deal with the topic From CSR to Green Banking, passing from Innovation, Incentives, New Skills: how to create Economic Value through the environmental responsibility of banks and will be held in Milan in via San Paolo 12, at the historic headquarters of Banca Popolare di Milano, in the suggestive Sala delle Colonne of Palazzo Corio Casati, on 14 June.

Participation in the Conference is free, upon registration via the website

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