Excursion tourism in Campania

In Campania the nature tourism takes the name of "Outdoor Campania", the Association of Hiking Tourism Environmental capable of giving unique emotions with experiences in close contact with nature.

In Italy there are numerous associations, most of them born with the purpose of requesting funds and participating in calls for competitions. On the contrary, theCampania Outdoor Association it financed itself for the purchase of equipment and goods necessary for field trips. By field trips we mean all those excursions that go to discover the landscapes of Campania Region such as the paths of the beautiful Capri or the fascinating Amalfi Coast, with trekking, kayaking and mountain biking.


The winter season ended with snowshoes on your feet for excursions on Monte Cervialto, followed by trekking at the Monti Lattari Regional Park. The summer began with an incredible debut at sea, along the Amalfi coast, aboard colorful kayaks. To accompany tourists is the environmental guide Leonardo Ricciardi who allows you to touch not only local fauna and flora, but also local traditions and cultures.

The events organized byEnvironmental Hiking Tourism Association, are weekly and reservations are required. The list of exits is available on the official web page of Outdoor Campania. To get an idea of ​​what awaits you with Outdoor Campania excursions, we recommend that you take a look at our photo gallery.


What does he do Outdoor Campania?
It proposes hiking itineraries
Provides an environmental guide
It provides material such as kayaks, snowshoes, masks ...
It offers emotions

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