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Val Trebbia, take a shot!

The famous writer Ernest Hemingway during his trip wrote "Today I crossed the most beautiful valley in the world ". It was the Trebbia Valley, an uncontaminated place where the river of the same name flows, still considered today, the cleanest in Italy. To testify the naturalistic beauties and the breathtaking landscapes of Val Trebbia, it's a documentary shot by a small crew and produced by all of us.

Produced by all of us? Yes, to enhance the Italian heritage, we have the possibility to support the project in different ways:
- by purchasing the documentary in a sort of presale
- by purchasing shares so as to end up in the credits among the thanks
- by purchasing more shares and becoming producers until you are entitled to a percentage of any earnings in proportion to the shares owned.

These are the methods proposed by the “The Most Beautiful Valley in the World” project, inserted in the new economic community “Productions From Below“, Here, every single user can do something to carry out a project that becomes great in the community! This is the case of documentary that you intend to turn in Trebbia Valley.

The documentary will be shot between May and August 2013 and will be intended to participate in the Documentary genre festival. To narrate the beauty of the area and describe the cultural and historical aspects, it will be a voiceover that will accompany the shots taken with a professional digital camera, Full HD.

There will be four regions involved in the documentary: Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. Special attention will be given to city ​​of Bobbio, the most important cultural location in the valley that houses the abbey that in ancient times gave birth to the "Scriptorium", among the most important literary places in the world.

Why produce a documentary on Val Trebbia? The answer lies in the term "Enhancement ".
It is of collective interest to enhance the landscape and cultural heritage of the Nation; the most motivated of all are the citizens of the four regions mentioned who will thus have the opportunity to show a territory rich in history that over time has generated only peace and harmony. A territory in which man has not yet started his speculative work, therefore rich in wild landscapes where natural beauties have been preserved over the centuries.

The production of this documentary is in our hands, we can support it and get more details from the official project page, for now, a very small taste can be enjoyed from the video that follows.

Photo | San Colombano Abbey, Bobbio

Video: val trebbia 14 5 2018 (October 2020).