Italian holidays in the name of hitech

Wi-fi beds, photovoltaic parasols, clear water, sun and relaxation. It is not the world of dreams but it is what an Italian holiday could be, on the beaches of Balleria-Igea Marina. The Romagna Riviera will welcome its tourists with a real one tecnobeach which opened its doors on Thursday 31 May.

For the summer holidays 2012 we don't go abroad but stay in Italy where the sun and the clear waters of the Romagna Riviera can offer more than just a cocktail to its visitors. The project set up by Umpi provides photovoltaic parasols that open and close with a remote control, the remote controller allows remote management so as to choose the shade or sun of the umbrella while sitting comfortably on the Wi-Fi lounger. Wi-fi cot? Yes, each deckchair is equipped with wi-fi connectivity to guarantee an internet connection.

For the bad guys, don't even try to damage or steal one of the technologies made available by tecnobeach Romagna! A video surveillance system prevents thefts and ensures a remote assistance service for the rescue and safety of bathers.

There is no lack of interaction between tourists: interactive totems have been installed from which it is possible to send photos and electronic postcards and receive real-time tourist information, weather info, traffic, air quality ... these interactive totems are all-do will fail to recharge the bike or electric scooter!

The beach is the concrete example of application smart city! Its installation was made possible by Umpi and Telecom Italia using the Nuvola Italiana Telecom platform and the Plc technology of the Romagna Umpi (PowerLine Communication). Translated into concrete terms, what would these technologies do?
- guarantee maximum connectivity
- connection services
- anti-aggression
- video analysis
- messaging
- helpline and much more.

Luca Cecchini, president of Umpi, strongly believes in this project and considers it a great resource for the Riviera that can be relaunched in terms of innovation by relaunching a new form of hi-tech tourism.

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