Beghelli Golden Tree

L'Beghelli Gold Tree is capable of carrying everywhere, the photovoltaic highly concentrated. It is from the second half of last year that theBeghelli gold tree is finding a place in the Italian energy landscape, especially in the open spaces of farms and agritourisms.

L'Beghelli Gold Tree is a 100% Made in Italy product, from design to material development.

The novelty proposed byBeghelli Gold Tree is a system of parabolic mirrors that reflect and concentrate the sun's rays so as to produce double the energy of the classics solar panels. Energy efficiency is able to capture 40% of the sun's rays compared to the standard which goes just above 18%. The keywords ofBeghelli Gold Tree are maximum reflectance, excellent yield and self-cleaning treatment.

Sometimes it is the same carelessness that reduces the performance of the solar modules and with the self-cleaning system the deposits of particles on the glass are eliminated so as not to affect the capture of solar rays. L'Beghelli Gold Tree chases the sun", This means that it has been designed and produced to capture the sun's rays at all hours of the day so as to ensure direct exposure. This is possible thanks to a system of two movement axes.

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