Energy saving

Save money when doing laundry

We have explained to you how to do your laundry in an ecological way, in fact it is enough to operate the washing machine at full load and use sustainable detergents. What we haven't told you yet is that with a little trick you can save about 60 euros on your electricity bill!


How to save electricity with the washing machine
Did you know that 90% of the electricity used by the washing machine is used to heat the water? So you will save 90% of electricity if you use more cold water. Often, the clothes we have to wash don't really need hot water. We can set the washes at low temperatures and if we fear contaminants we can add a natural sanitizer to the wash.

The study comes from the US Department of Energy, the estimate shows that if 70% of American families decided to do cold washes, they would be able to save electricity able to meet the energy needs of 4.4 million families!

When to use hot water?
Washing at high temperatures should only be done if we have to eradicate terrible stains, in all other cases, washing in cold water could be more than effective. Of course, if our husband is a gas station attendant or a mechanic, we cannot do without hot water but if he is a simple employee, cold water is a must!

In the United States, it can be done in a year save electricity equivalent to 60 dollars a year. Even if the currency exchange is in favor of the euro, the Italian energy cost is higher than the US one, so we can make a flat rate estimate that sees a saving in the bill of about 60 euros! Another 60 euros can be saved by using the so-called "slippers" (multiple sockets), with a total of savings on your bill of 120 euros per year.

Save money on the electricity bill can be very useful in times of crisis. Other savings can be dictated by washing at full load and by using the "humidity detection" command, where it is available. Even better if you use washing machines a energy saving perhaps taking advantage of the eco-incentives on the purchase of household appliances you can think of buying one.


Video: How much money you save by doing laundry at home vs. a laundromat (October 2020).