Waste, the EU's solutions

Italy and the whole of the European Union need to make the most of resources to support economic and environmental growth. For the Parliament, the way to promote one Sustainable Development it is to exploit the principle of taxation so as to penalize waste of resources.

The European Parliament is discussing this with a non-legislative resolution which received 479 votes in favor, 66 against and 63 abstentions. The proposed resolution aims to preserve valuable materials that too often end up in landfills. The European Commission thus asks for a gradual one elimination of the landfills and asks for concrete projects by the end of 2014.

There is too much waste and for this reason, by 2020 the Commission should review the targets for the recycling. The objectives have been set in the Waste Framework Directive, the ultimate aim? Eliminate the incineration of recyclable waste and compostable.

In the project eco-compatibility, the EU proposes a different management of goods starting from the labels that should provide consumers with instructions on the use of resources and onenvironmental impact.

In Italy these objectives could be persevered by exploiting the tax leverage orienting towards the environmental taxation than to envisage tax reductions, incentives on reduced VAT rates but also penalties for less virtuous producers.

Sectors in the eye of the environmental storm?

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