Audi electric bike

Are you tired of electric bikes designed by car manufacturers? If so, resign yourself, it is a growing trend so we are just starting. What we will show you today is theeBike designed byAudi. A electric bicycle very particular.


We hadn't seen a design like this yet. It takes us by surprise but we can only be fascinated by it. The German car manufacturer had to distinguish itself from the competitors' proposals that we list below.

  • Smart eBike (on sale this summer)
  • Mini bicycle, tailored for the Mini Cooper (already on the market)
  • Fiat Pop bicycle (already on the market)
  • Peugeot bicycle (prototype)
  • RAD-e by Opel (prototype)

Is called Audi Wörthersee and the designer is Wolfgang Egger who with his creation combines high performance and shapes worthy of the E-tron house. To talk about it is Hendrik Schaefers, one of the designers from Munich, who states "the e-bike looks incredibly flawless, isexciting and hyper functional. Not at home the design exploited the same dynamics used in the development of a sports car. All the design elements are strictly connected to the technical specifications ".

The frame boasts a rather low center of gravity, the design is compact so as to make theAudi Wörthersee a electric bike at the limits of sporty handling. The battery is lithium-ion and is integrated into the frame. Charging times are optimized and do not exceed 150 minutes for a full cycle.

The frame, together with the fork that holds the rear wheel, are made of carbon fiber reinforced with CFRP polymers. Among the goodies we see the wide flat spokes for a more efficient power transmission, this means that for each pedal stroke you will get higher performance! The designers describe it as the ultralight ebike and this concept is not disproved in the performances that find voice in different modalities.

The “Pure” mode is not electric and mainly uses the force produced by the cyclist's pedaling. The “Pedelec” mode is supported by the electric motor which allows a maximum speed of 80 km / h. The "eGrip" mode allows you to take advantage of the Audi electric bike exclusively with the electric motor.


Video: AUDI e-bike (October 2020).