How to pollute the environment less

As we prepare to face a major energy crisis it is nice to find those who ask "how to pollute the environment less". The secret to pollute less is to consume less, with a reduction in consumption, less waste will be produced and the health of theenvironment. There are many daily habits that we can change for less polluting the environment, let's see which ones.

How to pollute the environment less, on the street, in the car, at home, in a restaurant ...
- use the bicycle or public transport
- join a car sharing program, perhaps with the neighborhood!
-prediligi produced without packaging: it has been estimated that packaging constitutes about 40% by weight and 60% by volume of waste urban solids, a careful choice of products could really make a difference.
-save water, see 12 ways to do it
- adhere to exchange, reuse and recycling programs
-participates in markets and eco-friendly buying groups
- do not consume junk food, it is bad for your health, your pocket andenvironment
- do not consume meat more than twice a week, the meat production process is much more polluting than the vegetable one
- do not produce food waste
-prediligi organic food and zero km, you will reduce emissions related to transport and crops
- learn to divide waste with careful separate collection
- play early and avoid producing waste
- uses high energy efficiency systems (class A, low impact lighting)
- uses intelligent management programs (thermostats, sensors)
- cleaning the house in an ecological way

Your diet has a strong impact on the environment, which is why the food sector has been touched on several times in the list. In this article we have proposed a system for calculating your carbon footprint based on your eating style. Try taking a look and see how much you can improve at the table.

How to pollute the environment less, a green lifestyle
If you really intend to commit to less polluting the environment, the good practices mentioned above can be accompanied by well-targeted operations. Producing less waste and using sustainable mobility are the foundations of sustainability, together with energy saving. This can also be persevered on vacation, by choosing eco-friendly tourist destinations, or by joining one of the greenpeace programs.

Video: Environmental Pollution Animation 2 YouTube (October 2020).