Emilia earthquake and solidarity fund

The earth is shaking, this time the victim is theEmilia Romagna with a shock of earthquake slightly less strong than the one that destroyed L’Aquila on 6 April 2009. THE earthquakes they destroy homes, cities and take away human lives, they strike indiscriminately causing extensive damage to the local economy.

In Emilia the agri-food sector, which represents one of the main activities of the territory, is also affected. This was reported to the European Parliament by Paolo De Castro, President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission which in a note, while awaiting the official estimates of losses from the first inspections, reports: «There are significant losses for farms and for quality products such as dairy products whose production and storage facilities would appear to be seriously compromised. Therefore, both the products and the structural assets were hit and heavily damaged "

The matter will be brought to the attention of the European Parliament so as to start, as was done for Abruzzo, all urgent initiatives aimed at evaluating the possibility of obtaining compensation. There is no time to waste for requests for financing in support of earthquake victims, to think so is the MEP Andrea Zanoni who invites the Italian authorities to contact Brussels immediately "Which makes the European Union Solidarity Fund available for natural disasters".

The practice requires the affected country to submit the request for action to the Commission, no later than ten weeks from the date on which the first damage occurs. It is for this reason that the Italian authorities must take action to carry out the first inspections and precise damage estimates.

Calculate the impact of earthquake on the population and the economy in order to provide the Commission with all the information on the cost of the planned interventions. In this way the authorities will be able to access the bottom.

Video: Finale Emilia Earthquake - Help! (October 2020).