Porsche 918, the new Spyder Hybrid

Porsche, a five-star automotive brand, has entered the world of clean vehicles with its $ 845,000 Spyder hybrid! There Hybrid Spyder by Porsche is dedicated to those with particularly stuffed wallets!

Production would be scheduled for September 2013, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. There Porsche will debut on the market in a limited edition and was built for those with full pockets and an environmental spirit. There Porsche it will be equipped with two electric motors, one located in the front and the other in the rear of the car, there is also a conventional engine for a combined power of 770 hp.


There Spyder hybrid it has a maximum speed of about 320 km / h but, in electric mode it will reach “only” 145 km / h. Acceleration can go from 0 to 100 km in just over three seconds and for those who want to drive the spyder in electric-only mode, the range is about 25 km and to optimize it, the Porsche has well thought of taking advantage of the energy recovery system with braking. The battery is lithium-ion.

There Spyder 918 should consume three liters for every 100 km traveled, the estimate was made by the European group NEDC and the official EPA fuel economy data will be released only a short time before the car is launched on the market.

The design of the Hybrid Spyder? Porsche has announced that it will heavily recall the shapes of its historic 917 racing cars but the luxury hybrid Porsche it will boast materials such as plastic-reinforced carbon fiber, fully adaptive aerodynamics and terrific rear axles.

What to say? We have until September 2013 to set aside around 775,000 euros.


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