How to save water in agriculture

In Italy, over 60% of water consumption is linked toagriculture. A very high percentage that strongly affects the imminent water crisis that the planet will have to face. Then how to save water in agriculture? There are two main solutions, one brought by technology and the other by ancient agricultural needs.

For save water in agriculture, First of all, it is necessary to respect the general rules suggested in this article and to embrace two different strategies. The first involves the use of a drip irrigation system, the second, however, involves the installation of a tank with a filter to be able to store and use rainwater.

Irrigating a home garden is very different from having to bring water to extensive agricultural fields. If with the home garden it is enough to recycle the water from cooking pasta, for agricultural crops the situation is different. This is why we recommend the combined use of cisterns for water supply from rainwater and drip irrigation systems.

They exist on the market rainwater tanks with a capacity ranging from small volumes to over 9,000 liters. Many tanks are not only capacious tanks but also optimizers because they are designed for filtration. Some supply systems are underground, others overhead. You are spoiled for choice. With the variety of models, prices can also vary, reaching or exceeding 5,000 euros. It seems an excessive expense but, for example, with 4,500 euros, with only one full tank of rainwater, the farm will be able to save and filter 7,500 liters of water. 1,500 liter tanks can cost around 1000 euros. Much also depends on the filter and pump system that will combine with the collecting tank.

Outdoor tanks, which should not be buried underground, can cost around 300 euros up to over 600 euros for a capacity ranging from 340 liters to 1,000 liters. These are external tanks, in the shape of an amphora or column. For save water in agriculture, using these tanks combined with a drip irrigation system guarantees substantial water savings.

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