Norway wants to say goodbye to petrol cars

Norway would like to end the era of petrol cars for good and turn towards one sustainable mobility. As of 2015, Norwegian dealers are expected to sell only hybrid, electric, biodiesel or hydrogen vehicles. There will be no more space for the fossil fuels in Norway!

The turning point to sustainable mobility Norwegian would not leave us entirely surprised. Just a few days ago, Nissan issued a statement stating that in just 6 months, in Norway, it has managed to sell more than 1,000 electric cars with the model. Leafs.

The Oslo government would like to ban the sale of all petrol, diesel and gas cars so as to focus on the future sustainable and put into action a concrete plan in the fight against climate changes. The decision to abandon the petrol car is a courageous but also a demanding one. How would Norway take this step?

It is nice to talk about sustainable mobility, electric vehicles and expensive gasoline but these are not the only principles that would induce Norway to completely abandon fossil fuels in the transport sector.

In Europe, it is Norway that can count on the highest support plan for purchases of electric vehicles. The plan provides for Zero Value Added Tax, which means that those who buy aelectric car in Norway it is exempt from VAT. This exemption is part of a broader plan than incentives which joins other privileges such as the free parking for life, the use of preferential lanes in the capital of Oslo and the exemption from paying numerous tolls.

In the Norwegian capital alone, there are 3,500 charging points while in Italy, throughout the national territory, there are just 228 electricity columns. As if that weren't enough, most Norwegian charging points can be used for free.

The incentive package Norwegian is unsurpassed, an example for everyone but especially for Italy which is one of the few EU nations that still does not have ad hoc facilities for clean vehicles. Norway is at the forefront both for the incentive plan and for the charging infrastructures made available to users. Thus citizens are encouraged to drive electric vehicles.

We told you about the Norwegian willingness to ban petrol car, but is it really so? The famous voice from Reuters UK interviewed the Norwegian finance minister. This is a bill that in a month has managed to count numerous consents. Link to the interview.

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