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L'apebianca arrives in Forlì

Eating in a healthy and genuine way is important for two reasons, it is good for health and good for the environment. It is on this principle that he makes his debut The apebianca, a meeting point between offer and conscious consumer. Apebianca promotes a new lifestyle where the ethical consumption is the master.

The apebianca arrives in Forlì with a space that offers over 1,000 square meters of exhibition that they manage to offer to the public Organic products, eco-sustainable services but also cultural and exchange events with meetings dedicated to live ethical. Sustainability is the key word, but not only the environmental one, with the social cooperative Ecoliving there is talk of social, ethical and territorial sustainability, in fact the choice of products and services offered to the public focuses on these criteria.

The suppliers and partners of de The apebianca must meet strict requirements, first of all the homegrown origin of the products so as to relaunch thelocal economy of the territory, without underestimating the certified bioquality and proven ethics.

The idea of ​​offering genuine services that deviate from large-scale mass distribution was a consequence of the evolution of a more complex movement that has its origins in the now distant 2009. After years of activity and experience, The apebianca is ready to do a lot. Let's see in detail what can be found in those 1,000 square meters:

  • BIOttega, with its food shop on tap. Practical and without waste, the bulk of packaging that weighs too much on the environment and on the health of the consumer is eliminated.
  • Km Zero, with direct sales from the consumer to local organic producers.
  • Green a porter, because even clothing can be eco-friendly.
  • Cuckoo, an indispensable sector given that according to EU estimates the most dangerous products are precisely toys. Cuckoo does not only offer toys and accessories for children but also stationery shops.
  • Magaze, to furnish your home in a natural way.
  • Bella Bio, to be green starting from makeup with eco-bio-certified cosmetics.
  • Libreria Diffusa, with reading proposals from independent publishers.
  • Ecoliving Ethical Desk and Responsible Tourism project
  • Verdepaglia Bistrot, the area dedicated to bio-catering with cafeteria, lunch and dinner!
  • Children's area
  • Literary café
  • Events space
  • Temporary exhibitions and temporary shops

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