Coca Cola and recycled bottles

Do you know what these big test tubes in the photo are? This is the plastic core that at the end of processing takes the shape of a 50 cl bottle. This is how it is in factories Coke the production cycle begins and if you think that a plastic bottle cannot be reused you are wrong. There Coke will show you exactly the opposite!


During visits to some of the establishments Coke, the first thing that caught my eye was the processing of bottles. At first they appeared as simple plastic cylinders, then modeled with heat, they assumed their usual shape. Today Coke is Plastics Eco they start a project to save annually 33,500 tons of carbon dioxide this means that the harmful emissions of about 15,700 cars will be eliminated!

The project started in the UK and will address all issues related to recycling. The initiative will reduce the negative impact that plastic packaging has on the environment by promoting the use of recyclable and ecological products.

The bottle is produced from virgin material, the consumer drinks the contents and throws it away with the appropriate collection, within six weeks the same plastic will have started its second life cycle. This could mean that the same plastic present at the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games could also be present at the final! The plant of recycling Lincolnshire will take care of all this.


With an investment of 5 million pounds, Coke will double the production of recycled PET bottles. The project will ensure that the PET material employed by Coke for the production of its bottles, it will be 25% recycled. Coca cola in the past had already started campaigns for the recovery of PET plastics but with this operation the works of recycling will double.

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