How to connect the photovoltaic system to the electricity manager

In a period of severe economic crisis, choose to install a photovoltaic system can prove to be very beneficial. L'solar power it can provide household electrical needs but can also be sold to the electricity company on duty, let's see how.

The electricity produced byphotovoltaic systemsinstalled, can make the entire home self-sufficient from an energy point of view. But if we have a photovoltaic system important, because the available surface is a lot, you can give the energy surplus to electricity companies on the Italian market. This means that in addition to getting energy for our home, we can sell the electricity produced to power companies.

Thanks to Energy billindeed, it can sell electricity produced by photovoltaic systems by feeding it into the local electricity grid, as has been the case for years in other European countries, Germany and Spain in the lead. Municipalities photovoltaic systems they are Grid-connected or connected to the national electricity grid.

When the system will produce more energy than is needed at that moment, theelectric energy solar power will be fed into the local electricity grid, being counted by an additional special meter, so that the local distributor will be able to discount from future bills, theelectric energy received in your network.

Before connect the photovoltaic system to the electricity manager make sure of some things.
-Rates. It is important to compare the rates that companies offer for the transfer of excess energy produced by the photovoltaic system.
- Duration of the contract. Another important thing is to establish the duration of the proposed contract and the updating rates in subsequent years.

How to connect the photovoltaic system to the electricity manager. The installation
To proceed with the connection, two meters will need to be installed: the first meter will be used to measure the outgoing energy, the one that will be sold to the manager, the second meter will be used to measure the incoming energy. There will be times when the plant will not be self-sufficient, such as in the evening or in winter.

In the bill that we are going to pay, the difference between theoutgoing energy and the incoming one. Consequently, in some periods the bill will be minimal (hoping for a winter that is not constantly rainy or cloudy) in others it will even be source of income. The two meters can be installed by the manager himself or by certified bodies indicated by the manager himself, it is better to keep the meters under control so that the count is verifiable and not modifiable.

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