Herbal tea diet

Britney Spears and Katie Holmes have made it their battle horse against the fight against extra pounds. We are talking about the much chat Tisanoreica diet. There Tisanoreica involves the ingestion of special foods: these are powdered foods that must be dissolved in water before consumption.

This method is based on the activation of ketogenesis, supplemented by the intake of special dishes that protect muscle mass.

What is ketogenesis
It consists in temporarily suspending the intake of any type of carbohydrate: the other macronutrients are instead maintained. There ketogenic diet applied to tisanoreica, is a normoproteic, normolipidic and hypoglucidic diet. Therefore, having eliminated the sugars and fats, Tisanoreica guarantees a complete nutritional supply, thanks to the ingestion of foods rich in proteins, mineral salts and vitamins.

Tisanoreica diet. What happens to the metabolism
After the body has exhausted its glucose supply, one of the following metabolic pathways is activated:

  • neoglucogenesis, i.e. the formation of glucose from proteins (of muscle mass)
  • ketogenesis, ie the formation of ketone bodies, used by the body as glucose, starting from storage fats.

The tisanoreica diet it is divided into two phases.
In the first phase: the diet it varies from twenty to forty days and is intensive. It consists in the total exclusion of carbohydrates, both simple and complex. Green vegetables, cooked or raw, can be eaten at will. Among the classic foods you can eat meat, fish and eggs, on average once a day. The other meals are based on products Tisanoreica, usually four per day. Each phase involves a combination of normal foods, decoctions and PAT, that is, a powder mix to be dissolved in water.

In the second phase: the diet it varies from twenty to forty days and is stabilizing. In this phase, the dishes are reduced to two a day and complex carbohydrates such as bread, wholemeal or low glycemic index pasta are reintroduced. At this stage, fruit, potatoes and colored vegetables should still be avoided. In the stabilization phase, weight is usually not lost but it is an important transition period that is needed by the body to get out of ketosis and prepare for a balanced and balanced diet.

Once the dietby following a balanced diet associated with adequate physical activity, the weight achieved and the associated psychophysical well-being will be maintained.

The tisanoreica diet is carried out exclusively under medical supervision or the Tisanoreica Study Center.

The tisanoreica diet. The final result
With the use of adipose tissue (ketogenesis) instead of muscle tissue (neoglucogenesis), the weight lost will be attributable to the fat mass while the muscle mass will remain almost unchanged: the weight loss will be aesthetically satisfactory.

Herbal tea diet. Warnings
The main dangers that lurk behind the Tisanoreica diet they are connected to improvisation and do-it-yourself. Don't follow one crash diet without consulting a doctor can pose high health risks.

To start following the Tisanoreica diet it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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